Cups in Duo mode


There are 3: Open, Master and Blitz.


The difference between these 3 Cups lies in the fixation, or not, of certain game parameters, in the selection, or not, of the players between them to form a duel and in the way we go up (and sometimes down) in rank in each Cup.

Each has a rank by Cup and by Color, ie 27 grades.

The starting grade is always LightGreen and the progression follows that of the colors of the game: LightGreen, Blue, Purple .. until Green.

The choice of the opponent is random and depends on similar requests made at the same time.

In order to facilitate the quick search of an opponent, only one of these 3 Cups is available at a given moment.

No server or Artificial Intelligence simulates an opponent (except in Solo mode)

Thank you sometimes for your patience …



These 3 Cups are open to players with a minimum of 15,000 in Global Solo mode, the green / blue badge.

Open Cup

This is the Cup open to everyone where everyone can play with everyone regardless of his rank, in the limit of his Infinite Colors.

To apply for an Open Cup just select this option, then wait for the game to put you in touch with a player who is also looking for an Open Cup opponent.


For this first duel, the game thus meets 2 players and takes care of the selection of the parameters, then if the players wish to make a revenge, the parameters all become accessible but are the subject of a phase of validation / negotiation ( eg a handicap) between the 2 opponents.

Each in turn offers his choice to the other. The Duel begins when the 2 players have agreed.

Depending on the outcome of the game and the rank of each, each participant scores a number of points in addition to those already acquired according to the table below:


For example, if A wins by having a grade higher than B, then A scores 40 but B also marks 30. (last row of the table)

When the winner of a duel is less ranked than the loser, a bonus is awarded to the winner. This bonus depends on the difference in rank. (60 + bonus)

The rank of a player is recalculated regularly because it depends on the points acquired by all players. The green light grade is awarded to the 10% of the players with the lowest scores and the opposite is the grade dark light is awarded to the 10% with the highest scores.

The duels made during the Master Cup and Blitz Cup also generate Open Cup points but not the opposite.

Master Cup

Here the parameters “Set winners = 3, no Timer, no Index and identical colors" are imposed in all duels.

This configuration in 3 sets without timer is the most difficult of all, because you have to keep your concentration to the maximum and reconcile speed and endurance hence its name.

To apply for a MasterCup simply select this option, choose the Color of the Duel in the settings and “GO" then wait for the game to put you in touch with a player with the same request.

Warning: Unlike OPenCups, a player in the Master Cup can play in a Color only against an opponent of the same rank as himself in that same Color.

At the beginning each player has the grade LightGreen for each Color.

The rise in rank is done in 2 phases:

– Qualification phase

A certain number of wins must be achieved by grade to be admitted to the TestMatch phase. Defeats are not taken into account.

– Test Match Phase

A certain number of wins must be achieved by rank without exceeding a maximum number of defeats.

If the player exceeds his quota of defeats he returns to Qualification but with only 5 victories to validate before a new TestMatch.

Passing the TestMatch validates obtaining the higher rank.

We can not chained 2 duels Master Cup in a row with the same opponent. After the first duel, the game automatically switches to Open Cup mode for possible revenge.

Each Master Cup duel produces Open Cup points.

Blitz Cup

Here the parameters “Set winners = 1, Timer = 30", no index and identical colors “are imposed in all duels.

In this fast Cup a good start is essential and you have to be 100% in a row !!